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New Hampshire (2)

Rindge, New Hampshire
Rindge, New Hampshire
Cathedral of the Pines Ten Commandments Monument in Rindge, N.H.
Rindge, New Hampshire
Cathedral of the Pines Ten Commandments Monument

Rindge, New Hampshire
  Back of monument

Dedicated by FOE: May 1962 (Note: the back of the monument has a circle with “NERD 1961”; see scroll below).

Location: Cathedral of the Pines, 10 Hale Hill Rd., was founded by Sibyl and Douglas Sloane III in 1945 as a memorial to the men and women who lost their lives in World War II—as did their son, Sandy Sloane. Their connection to the Eagles is unclear. (Private property.)

Scroll: The monument does not have the traditional scroll at the bottom of the front side. On the back, there is an Eagle logo and the following: “Erected By / The North East / Regional District / Fraternal Order / Of Eagles / In Rememberance / Of Our / Departed Brothers / Auxiliary Sisters / And Veterans / Massachusetts · Maine / Connecticut · Rhode Island / New Hampshire · Vermont”. At the bottom, there is a circle with “N·E·R·D” (North East Regional District) inside top and “1961” inside bottom.

Somersworth, New Hampshire
Somersworth, New Hampshire
Somersworth Ten Commandments Monument
Screenshot: Google Maps street view October 2012 (Somersworth City Hall on the right)
Somersworth, New Hampshire
1958 Dedication
Somersworth Ten Commandments Monument
Photo available at
Somersworth, New Hampshire
Photo courtesy of Jenne Holmes (November 2016)
Available at the blog

Somersworth, New Hampshire
Scroll at the bottom of monument

Donated by FOE: May 1958

Original Location: Across from City Hall in a road island bounded by High St, Government Way and Fore St.

Scroll: “Presented To / The City Of Somersworth / By / Somersworth Aerie No. 1887 / Fraternal Order of Eagles / In Memory Departed Brothers”

Eagles Aerie: Somersworth Aerie No. 1887 is located two blocks from the Ten Commandments monument at 4 Somersworth Plaza, Somersworth, NH 03878.

Notes: The Ten Commandments monument was found on the ground on Thursday, August 11, 2016. On (bad) advice from the City Attorney that the monument is “compliant within the frameworks of the First Amendment,” Somersworth City Council voted 7-2 on September 6, 2016 to return the Eagles Ten Commandments monument to its original location. The Council also voted to add two flag poles and a marker presumably believing that these additions would cure the First Amendment violation. However, the Council’s action does just the opposite by doubling down on Sommersworth’s endorsement of Christianity and sending a message that non-adherents are not welcome in the city.

The city returned the monument to the road island on November 6, 2016. The island has been turned into a miniature park called “Citizen’s Place” with the addition of two flag poles and landscaping.