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F.O.E. Ten Commandment Monuments in Montana (6)

Billings, Montana
Billings, Montana
Billings, MT Ten Commandments Monument
Garden of the Sermon on the Mount at Sunset Memorial Gardens
Photo Courtesy of Sunset Memorial Gardens
Billings, Montana
Eagle (Magazine) November 1957

Donated by FOE: June 1957

Location: Sunset Memorial Gardens, 1721 Central Avenue.

Scroll: “Presented To / Sunset Memorial Gardens / By / Fraternal Order of Eagles / Billings Aerie No. 176 / June 1957”


Bozeman, Montana
Bozeman, MontanaSoroptimist Park on the left; Bozeman Aerie No. 326 on the right; monument not viewable
Screenshot: Google Maps street view September 2013
Bozeman, Montana
Bozeman, MT Ten Commandments Monument
Soroptimist Park

Donated by FOE: 1970

Location: Soroptimist Park, E. Main St. & S. Rouse Ave. (to the left of Eagles Aerie No. 326 at 316 E. Main St.).

Scroll: “Presented To The City / Of Bozeman Montana / By / Bozeman Aerie No 326 / Fraternal Order of Eagles / 1970”

Great Falls, Montana
Great Falls, Montana
Cascade County Courthouse; monument in bottom center partially obscured
Screenshot: Google Maps street view September 2011
Great Falls, Montana
Great Falls, MT Ten Commandments Monument
Cascade County Courthouse
Photo available at

Donated by FOE: 1967

Location: Cascade County Courthouse, 415 2nd Ave. N.

Scroll: “Presented To / The City Of / Great Falls, Montana / By Montana State Aerie / Fraternal Order Of Eagles / 1967”

Helena, Montana
Helena, Montana Montana State Capitol
Screenshot: Google Maps street view June 2012
Helena, Montana
Helena, MT Ten Commandments Monument
Montana State Capitol

Donated by FOE: 1956

Location: Montana State Capitol; Roberts St. side of the Capitol Complex.

Scroll: “Presented To / The State of Montana / By / Montana State Aerie / Fraternal Order Of Eagles / September 1956”

Kalispell, Montana
Kalispell, Montana
Kalispell, MT Ten Commandments Monument
Flathead County Courthouse
Photo by Ian Cameron (August 2015) and the Flathead Area Secular Humanist Association
Kalispell, Montana
“Cornerstone of Law”, Flathead County Courthouse
Image availabe at Richard Wackrow's website here

Donated by FOE: 1969

Location: In 2011, the Eagles Ten Commandments monument was relocated behind the Flathead County Courthouse, 800 S Main St., in order to facilitate renovation of the courthouse.

Scroll: “Presented To The People / Of / Flathead County Montana / By / Kalispell Aerie No. 234 / Fraternal Order of Eagles”

Litigation: Americans United threatened a lawsuit in February 2004. The Flathead Area Secular Humanist Association (FASHA) fought against the relocation of the Eagles monument to Depot Park and being a part of the (sham) “Cornerstone of Law” display. The display, currently behind Flathead County Courthouse, includes monuments representing the Magna Carta, Mayflower Compact, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, preambles to the U.S. and Montana constitutions and the Ten Commandments. On October 12, 2012, the Kalispell City Council declined to accept the Ten Commandment and other Cornerstone of Law monuments from the county.

Miles City
Miles City, Montana Range Riders Museum
Screenshot: Google Maps street view September 2013
Miles City
Miles City, MT Ten Commandments Monument
Range Riders Museum

Donated by FOE: 1968

Current Location: Moved to the Range Riders Museum (435 Interstate-94 Business) in September 2003.

Original Location: Custer County Courthouse.

Scroll: “Presented To The / County Of Custer / By / Miles City Aerie 885 / Fraternal Order Of Eagles / 1968”

Litigation: ACLU filed a lawsuit against the county in 1999. County Commissioners agreed to a consent decree to either move the monument to a less prominent location at the courthouse and create an Evolution of Law monuments or move it to another location.