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F.O.E. Ten Commandments Monuments in Illinois (4)

Chicago, Illinois
Chicago Heights, Illinois
Chicago (IL) Ten Commandments Monument
Eagle magazine (Oct. October 1954)

Donated by FOE: 1954

Location: Unknown / Missing

Scroll: Cannot read from above photo

Notes: The first FOE monolith. Presented to the Chicago Park District at the 1954 Grand Aerie Convention. Not known if it was ever dedicated or placed on public property in the City of Chicago.

Of particular note about the monument: (1) the tablet in the upper left includes Roman numerals I-III (representing the three religious commandments) and the tablet in the upper right includes Roman numerals IV-X (representing the seven secular commandments), (2) the commandments are numbered with Roman numerals with the “coveting commandment” shown as commandments 9 and 10 and (3) there is no “graven images” commandment – each consistent with the Catholic version of the Ten Commandments. These attributes should not be surprising inasmuch as Judge E. J. Ruegemer – who as chairman of the Eagles Youth Guidance Commission founded the Eagles Ten Commandments program – was a devout Catholic.

Chicago Heights, Illinois
Chicago Heights, Illinois
Chicago Heights Park District office
Screenshot: Google Maps street view (Sept. 2008)
Chicago Heights, Illinois
Chicago Heights (IL) Ten Commandments Monument
Image available at

Donated by FOE: 1955

Location: Chicago Heights Park District office at 1400 Chicago Road.

Scroll: “Presented To The City Of / Chicago Heights / By The / Fraternal Order Of Eagles / Aerie 1059 / Anno Domini 1955”

Notes: The Anno Domini (English: “in the year of the Lord”) in the scroll is unique to the Chicago Heights monument.

Lawrenceville, Illinois
Lawrenceville, Illinois
Lawrence County Courthouse
Screenshot: Google Maps street view (Aug. 2015)
Lawrenceville, Illinois
Lawrenceville (IL) Ten Commandments Monument
Lawrence County Courthouse
Photo by B. Poulter (July 2013) (cropped)
Available at

Donated by FOE: (Year unknown)

Location: Lawrence County Courthouse, facing State St. near 11th St.

Scroll: (Cannot be determined from the above screenshot)

Notes: Hebrew in the two tablets at the top is unique among the FOE monuments.

Waukegan, Illinois
Waukegan, Illinois
Waukegan Police Department
Screenshot: Google Maps street view October 2012
Waukegan, Illinois
Waukegan (IL) Ten Commandments Monument
Photo by Zo187 (July 2016)
Available on at

Donated by FOE: April 1960

Current Location: Waukegan Police Department, N. Martin Luther King Jr. Ave. between Washington and W. Clayton Streets.

Original Location: Jane Dowst Memorial Emergency Hospital that had closed and was being used by the Police Department. The building was torn down to make room for the new Waukegan City Hall.

Scroll: “Resented To / The City Of Waukegan / By Waukegan Aerie 2157 / Fraternal Order Of Eagles / April 1960”