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F.O.E. Ten Commandment Monuments in Nebraska (4)

Fremont, Nebraska
Fremont, Nebraska
Memorial Park (Fremont Family YMCA is in the background)
Screenshot: Google Maps street view July 2012
Donated by FOE: 1961

Current Location: Memorial Park, at the corner of E. Military Ave. and N. Lincoln Ave.

Scroll: (Cannot be determined from screenshot)

Hastings, Nebraska
Hastings, Nebraska
Parkview Cemetery
Screenshot: Google Maps street view May 2012 (monument on left side middle area)

Donated by FOE: June 1960

Current Location: Parkview Cemetery, 1246 N. Elm Ave. The Parks and Recreation Department oversees Hastings’ Parkview Cemetery. (Public property.)

Original Location: Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History, 1330 N. Burlington Ave.

Scroll: (Cannot be determined from screenshot)

History: The monument was moved to the cemetery after the Nebraska American Civil Liberties Union threatened a lawsuit.


Nebraska City, Nebraska
Nebraska City, Nebraska
Otoe County Courthouse
Screenshot: Google Maps street view July 2015
Nebraska City, Nebraska
Note the chain link and short poles. They are no longer present. Photo taken July 2009.
Donated by FOE: May 1961

Location: Otoe County Courthouse, at the corner of Central Ave. & S. 10th St. (“Carvout” - see History below.)

Scroll: “Presented To / The Citizens Of Otoe County / By / Nebraska City Aerie No. 968 / Fraternal Order Of Eagles / May 1961”

History: Threatened with a lawsuit, Otoe County sold a thirty-by-thirty foot plot of land in which the monument was located to Nebraska City Aerie 968 for one dollar in 2001. A chain link was put around the monument, but later removed. (On private property.)

Comment: The chain link has been removed from the thirty-by-thirty foot plot. Do members of Aerie 968 cut the grass on their plot of land at the courthouse? If not (and thus probably), Nebraska City’s sale of the plot to the Eagles was a sham and the city runs a substantial risk of a lawsuit for its endorsement of religion, Christianity preferred.

Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Memorial Park
Screenshot: Google Maps street view July 2012
Plattsmouth, Nebraska
Monument vandelized
Donated by FOE: 1965

Location: Memorial Park, 4th Avenue between S. 14th and S. 15th Streets, approximately ten blocks from Plattsmouth City Hall.

Scroll: “Presented To The City Of / Plattsmouth Nebraska / By / Fraternal Order Of Eagles / Plattsmouth Aerie No. 365 / 1965”

History/Litighation: ACLU Nebraska Foundation v. City of Plattsmouth, 419 F3d 772 (8th Cir., Aug. 19, 2005, en banc). ACLU Nebraska Foundation filed a lawsuit against the City of Plattsmouth in May 2001. The U.S. District Court ruled in favor the ACLU and order the removal of the monument. A three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eight Circuit affirmed (2-1) in February 2004. The city appealed to the full circuit (i.e., requested a rehearing en banc). After the Supreme Court ruled in Van Orden v. Perry in June 2005, the full Eight Circuit reversed (11-2), holding that the monument could stay. The Plattsmouth monument has been VAN ORDENIZED!